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Translation assistance

Let the machines work for you.

Auto translation

Auto translationAuto translation

Just translated.

When enabled, Tolgee automatically translates new keys using translation memory or machine translation services. Your strings are translated immediately, right after creation.

Choose your weapon.

Select if you would like to use translation memory and/or which machine translation service you would like to use to automatically translate new keys.

Machine translation

Machine translationMachine translation

Select your service.

We support DeepL, Google Translate, and AWS Translate. Select which services you want to use in the settings section.

Machines work for you.

The machine translation features make the whole localization process significantly faster. Translators can just use translation suggestions provided by third-party machine translation services.

Translation memory

Translation memoryTranslation memory

We remember.

Tolgee automatically makes suggestions from translations you already used in the project so you can translate similar phrases in a similar way.

Translation memory suggestions also show the similarity percentage, the key, and the original text of the translated string.

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