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To get full image of working Vue integration, check our Vue Example Application.


Tolgee for Vue currently supports only Vue v3.

To install Tolgee Vue integration library run:

npm install @tolgee/vue

First, you will need to wrap your application with TolgeeProvider component.

<TolgeeProvider :config="config">
<Children ... />
<template v-slot:fallback>

import { TolgeeProvider } from '@tolgee/vue';

export default {
components: { TolgeeProvider },
data() {
return {
config: {
apiUrl: process.env.VUE_APP_TOLGEE_API_URL,
apiKey: process.env.VUE_APP_TOLGEE_API_KEY,

If you bootstrapped your application with vue-cli, your .env.development.local file should look like this:


Otherwise, you can set the properties directly, or you can use plugins like dotenv-webpack plugin.

Obtaining Tolgee API key is described in integration chapter.

Other configuration properties

Configuration properties for all web integrations are similar. They are described in configuration section.